Member Profile and Goal Editing For Admins – Version 4.5


  • Admins now have the ability to edit user profiles, create and edit goals for their members, designate priority goals and mark goals complete for their members.
  • Sessions/meetings can now be joined using a dial-in phone number found in the upper right of the session page and PIN to accommodate mobile-only users or those with slow bandwidth connections.
  • A shareable link for joining a session can now be easily copied for sharing from with the session page.
  • When a new session/meeting is started an email is automatically sent to all members listed on the agenda
  • Session/meeting timer bar gradually fills/changes color as the time for each segment runs out, making it even easier to see when a segment is nearing its end.
  • Member profiles and goals now viewable by all members of the group.


  • Session/meeting timer bar has been made smaller and changed to grayscale so it is less obstructive. The timer can also be moved to anywhere on the page by clicking in the center and dragging it to a new position.
  • Goal and milestone reminder emails Cc admin so it’s easier for them to keep track of what their members are doing.
  • Additional fields added to member profiles.
  • Member overview page layout improved.
  • Group overview page layout improved.


  • Passed due goals and milestones can now be marked complete/incomplete without the need to edit them first.
  • The timezone warning dialog box now only appears once per session instead of each time a page loads.
  • Broken video settings/controls button fixed.
  • Date picker calendar issue fixed.
  • Left menu removed from member overview, group overview and organization settings where it isn’t relevant.
  • Hot seat/spotlight timer count up instead of down.

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