Full Screen Video Conferencing for Mastermind Meetings with Agenda, Timer, Chat and Goals – Version 3.0

Now the video experience for your mastermind meetings will be even better with the new full-screen layout! The new virtual mastermind meeting room layout is designed to provide access to all the features of Mastermind Manager that make your sessions better while maximizing the screen used for showing the members of your group or the screen they are sharing. Everything you need is presented in an overlay, so the video is always full screen.

The meeting agenda, the hot seat user, and your priority can be conveniently accessed during the meeting from the buttons at the bottom of the page. When you click each button at the bottom, a different panel slides in from the left with either the agenda, the hot seat user, or your priority. Click the button again to close it. The timer stays front and center to keep your meeting on track.

Meeting controls are located at the top of the page where you can raise your hand to speak without interrupting the hot seat member, share your screen, turn your microphone and camera on and off, go full screen, and leave the session.

Each member participating in the meeting will be counted and listed in the “# of Attendees” linked in the upper right of the screen. Thumbnail videos for each member are on the right side of the screen. You may need to scroll if you have a lot of people in your meeting, but everyone is there! The main video will switch to whoever is speaking. If you’d like to lock the main video onto any member, just click their thumbnail. Click it again to go back to automatic switching.

Do you want better results from your Mastermind?

Mastermind Manager combines video conferencing and goal tracking for your mastermind group.

We're currently in beta.

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