New Feature: Meeting Recording

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Capture Your Meetings

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally added a recording feature to the app! When you schedule a new meeting, you can choose to record the meeting for future reference.

  • Don’t lose important information shared during a meeting
  • Use the final agenda to reference time in the video so you can easily jump to different parts of the meeting 
  • The videos are saved in one place for every member to reference. No more sharing links! 
mastermind manager recording

The Recording Starts with the Agenda

The recording will start after your being the agenda in your meeting. You will see an indicator once the recording is active.

How to End Recordings

The meeting recording will stop automatically when you finish your meeting.

If you need to stop the recording before the meeting is over, click on the recording icon and you will see a confirmation to stop recording. This can only be done by the meeting facilitator. 

*Note: Once you stop recording, you cannot start again during the same meeting. 

stop recording mastermind manager

View the Recording on the Meeting History Page

After the meeting is completed, you’ll be redirected to the History detail for your meeting. The recording may take a minute to process (there will be a message displayed), after which you can view the embedded recording on the page. 

You can return to the page and view the recording as many times as needed. 

mastermind manager meeting history view recording

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