Tracking Multiple Goals With Milestones and Due Dates – Version 4.0

Now you can track multiple goals with milestones, each with their own individual due dates!Tracking Multiple Goals Milestones Due Dates

Unlimited goals.
Unlimited milestones.

Add new goals, edit goals and add and edit milestones from the “Goals” page. You can see how many active goals you have, number of complete/incomplete goals and your success rate.

Reorder your goals with a simple drag and drop. Drag a goal to the top position to designate it as your priority.

You can choose to get an email reminder 24 hours before each goal and milestone is due so you can make sure that you do the things you commit to in you mastermind meetings and come prepared to share your success with your group.

Each time you mark a goal complete or incomplete it will be moved to the “Past Goals” tab. From there you can reactivate the goal if you need to for any reason. Once each goal is marked complete or incomplete it is recorded in your goal completion percentage so you can track your performance over time.

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