You asked for it… we delivered + more in Version 1.1

Manage Multiple Groups

Mastermind Manager Multiple Mastermind Groups Switching
Switching between multiple groups in Mastermind Manager

Now you have the option of running multiple masterminds under the same account. You can easily switch between groups, invite or remove members and track goals per group. To add another group, simply follow the Create New Group link in the dropdown!

At the top of the main menu, the drop-down contains all your groups for easy access. You can also view all your mastermind groups in one place in the new user settings screens.Mastermind Manager Group Management App

Priority Due Notifications

Mastermind Manager Priority DueThis was a frequent request from our users, so THANK YOU for the feedback. You can now receive email updates to remind you when your priority due date is approaching. This feature can be managed in the user settings page if you wish to disable it.


Detailed Session History

Mastermind Manager Detailed Meeting HistoryThe Session Detail page lets you look back at who attended, what the final agenda was and view everything shared in chat.

Improved Agenda Configuration

Mastermind Manager Agenda Hot Seat ConfigurationIn addition to upgrading the design, we’ve added the ability to select who’s included in the Hot Seat rotation and in what order.

Just drag and drop to reorder everyone that will be in the session. Clicking the checkbox removed that member from the Hot Seat rotation for that particular meeting. This flexibility was included for mastermind groups that don’t include every member in the hot seat every meeting.

New Account Management Area

In addition to the Group Management page, where you can see all your groups in one place, the entire Account Management area has been updated. Now it’s easier to update your profile and manage your billing. Everything is in one place.

Now you can focus more time on achieving your goals and less time on group management tasks! Mastermind Better. Succeed Together.

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Mastermind Manager combines video conferencing and goal tracking for your mastermind group.

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